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My Journey

My journey started a long time ago it seems and now into my fourth decade, I can say that the miles walked in my shoes have been wonderful.

The Real Estate industry was not my first career and any quick Google search and Facebook look up will show you what I used to do.

My first career started when I was ten and a kid with a ton of energy to burn, focus, drive and determination. I started dancing at a local neighbourhood school in Ottawa with no real ambition for what was possible. I just knew I loved how it made me feel. I loved the challenge and I loved the work. At the age of ten I had no idea what the years ahead would bring but I knew that this was something that had to be done.

Skip ahead five years and I was graduating from Canada’s National Ballet School in Toronto being one of two graduates of class of 16 that was already currently working as a professional dancer with The National Ballet of Canada.
This work and determination to always chase the higher goal was something that I have always had.

I am sure that my parents had a big part in supporting me in these goals but what did they know about my world, nothing. I was the one who made the goals and I was the one who would chase them. I was the one who always needed a bigger and better goal and could never remain satisfied with my current situation.

Fast forward 25 years and my dance career was coming to a close, so the speak. A life that saw me tour around the world twice over and dance on stages that a young student could only dream of. The body was tired and I always said to myself that I was not going to dance until I dropped. So I made the move.

I thought long and hard about what to do next. I was almost 40, had a kid, a mortgage and knew I didn’t want to go back to school for a degree that I would most likely never use.

What was I good at? What skills did I have? What could translate well from dancing to the next career? I had a great drive and a hunger for challenges. I had a lot of experience talking to high profile people, government officials, business tycoons, philanthropists. I could engage these people in conversation and I could do it well. My “street smarts”, personality and work ethic are my greatest assets. I knew that real estate was a great interest of mine and that the business was instinctual to me. It wasn’t until I started listening to my friends that I made to shift. Like my dancing career, I had no idea what my goals were. I had to make the leap of faith once again and trust my abilities and assets to see me through. I was taking it a day at a time.

The first two years were hard. They tell you in the industry that you have to find what works for ‘you’. What makes you authentic and different from the rest. I have created a separate post about what makes me different and you can read it here.

Honestly though, without understanding what was to come and how it was going to go, I can whole heartedly say that I love this job.

I love the pressure and sleepless nights. I love the clients, good and bad. I am addicted to the process and the excitement that goes with it. Being challenged by myself everyday to work harder for my clients and myself to find the solutions to what ever comes our way. I am a huge proponent of following your instincts. “Go with your gut!”. I have never been wrong with following my instincts because it originates from ones core beliefs. Regardless of what might happen along the way. If your ‘gut” tells you it will be ok, then you can whether any storm that comes. I bring this into my business and in my everyday life and I have always come out on top.

Oh, and my favourite colour is blue, I love golf, pizza is the best food in the world and I have a huge soft spot for dogs.